Susumu Hirasawa

birth date

April 2, 1954


Tokyo, Japan


Musician, Producer, Music Arranger, Composer, Narrator, CG Artist

associated acts

P-Model, Kaku P-Model, Mandrake, Shun, Global Trotters


Susumu Hirasawa (平沢進 Hirasawa Susumu?, born April 2, 1954 in Tokyo, Kantō region) is a Japanese electropop artist and composer.

In 1972, he enrolled at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. From 1972 to 1978, he performed in his first band Mandrake, a progressive rock group influenced by King Crimson and Yes. In 1979 he formed a New Wave synth-rock & techno-pop band called P-Model, along with two former members of Mandrake. They released a string of albums through the 1980s, and in 1989, Hirasawa began releasing solo work, while also continuing to work with the reactivated P-Model beginning in 1992. The P-Model project continued until 1999; in 2004 Hirasawa started a new unit known as Kaku P-Model, which is effectively a solo continuation of P-Model.[1]


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